Between the whiteboard and me there is a secret…we have an ongoing relationship…

My last post was about the iPad. God I love that device. It has changed my life and has opened doors to the improvement of both my teaching and my student’s learning experience (or so I think…)
However, one should be ready and able to teach with old school technology: pen (or pencil) and paper, flash cards, paper cut-outs, sign name it. Most importantly, one should be a master at using markers and the almighty WHITEBOARD!!!!
The whiteboard is king.
If I have a classroom with a whiteboard I can try to explain the Third Conditional to a group of A1 students in their first class ….(I can at least try).
I’d use drawings, graphs, stick figures, time lines….anything at my disposal to get my point across..
Yes, I love technology. But if we run out of battery there’s always the whiteboard.