Often, when attempting to learn another language or discipline, people see themselves facing the responsibility of choosing between options within a sea of endless possibilities.

Should I choose face – to – face classes or online lessons?

Should I attend some sort of school or institution or choose to be self taught?

Should I take lessons everyday or is twice a week enough?

Each and every decision made seems to entail crucial consequences for achieving the goal victoriously. It is, maybe, for this precise reason that the best advice you can get for dealing successfully with your decision making is: On one hand, know yourself, make sure you understand your wants and needs, your personality type, your likes and dislikes, your time availability, etc. And on the other hand, make sure you understand the pros and cons of every option.
Taking this into account, BSR has decided to present a brief description of the main characteristics defining and differentiating the process of learning a language individually versus the process of learning it with others.

General Group Lesson Traits:

– This classes tend to be very dynamic and they usually include a greater amount of material.

– Often, they require a lot of time investment in listening and debating.

– They prove to be quite effective for identifying common mistakes.

– They tend to be ideal for beginners, due to the fact that the students won´t have to carry the entire weight of the class on their own. So, they won´t be the ones doing all the talking, all the time.

– Group lessons also generate wonderful connections between people of a common level, this is usually positive for it allows the students to practice with each other outside of the classroom.

– Because they demand communication with a larger number of people, these lessons are generally excellent for preparing students for “real” and “common” situations.
Group Lessons are Ideal for those who:

– Love participating and interacting.

– Enjoy the company of others.

– Like to express their opinion and generate new conversation and discussion topics.

– Are patient.

-Are enthusiastic and good team players.

General One-on-One Lesson Traits

– These lessons tend to be more flexible and adapt more easily to the student. They prioritize their specific wants and needs (schedules, goals, interests, etc).

– The trust relationship between the student and the teacher tends to advance quickly making it easier for the student to notice greater progress in a shorter amount of time, especially in reading and speaking areas.

– Because of their higher intensity and demand, results tend to come faster.

– One-on-one lessons constantly emphasize on personal common mistakes making it easier to correct them in no time.

– Due to the fact that there is only one student there is usually time to practice, review and implement what they have previously learned in class.

Ideal for those who:

– Are looking to achieve very concrete and specific goals.

– Wish to have a practice space.

– Enjoy working on their own.

– Wish or need to see quick results.

– Have a tight schedule.