When I first started working as an English teacher twenty years ago things were very different: there was no internet available for the masses, English books did not come with CD’s (they came with the fabulous sounding and ever reliable cassette) and carrying a laptop was a luxury most of us couldn’t afford.

Nowadays, the tablet (in my case the iPad) came to save the day. I still remember the moment I saw the ad for it and started drooling: I wanted it right away. While most people had no idea what to do with the new gadget from Mr. Jobs, I knew exactly what I needed it for…

In my iPad I have more than 80 books in PDF format and with the Kindle app tons more. No more cassettes, no more CDs, all the audio for my classes has been converted to mp3 format in iTunes. Want to work with videos? Get an app and download them from Youtube.

Gone are the days when I had to carry 4 books (plus 6 cassettes) in my backpack. Gone are the days when I had to undergo security checks at every office building in Bogotá and register my cassette player (and years later my computer). Viva la tecnología!!!!